Monday, November 14, 2005

the city that is NY

it's odd to think that NY can change people, but having been here for about a week now, i can honestly say that it can. And it does. The city can literally eat you up alive, if you let it... this is not to dissuade me from thinking that NY is THE place be in -- i am somewhat bereft that i will be missing out on some good partyng and some of the fabulous sights and sounds that comprise this amazingly diverse, fantastic place....the people, the subways, the haunts, theparties like such fun, and i'd hate to be getting out just when the season's just starting.

Oh well. Take the bad with the good, as they say. In this case, i will. :-P

Ahh, ce'st la vie.

+ + +

I still love NY.

+ + +


kay said...

me too!

wanderlust junkie said...

:-) I wish i can live here..... LOL i don't wanna leave!!! WAAAHHHH!

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